Solar Panel Buyers Guide

Remember this five things

  1. Use
  2. Power
  3. Technology
  4. Size
  5. Features

1. Use

Basically people are buying solar panels for specific purposes. We have two general purposes for selecting solar panels, E.g.

  1. For battery charging

Below are the benefits of your solar and off grid solar to reduce your battery charge or electricity bill.

  • Your home inverter battery will charge from solar and it will not use grid electricity
  • Never face the problem of power outage.
  1. For reducing electricity bill.

And you need solar for reduction and the benefits of on-grid solar are below

  • During the day your electrical appliances like AC, cooler, fridge etc. will run on solar power.
  • You do not have to pay the electricity bill.

2. Technology

Technically there are two types of solar panels

  • Poly crystalline solar panels
  • Mono crystalline solar panels

Advantages of polycrystalline: Current solar panels on the market produce less energy than polycrystalline solar panels

The advantage of mono crystalline: Mono crystalline solar panels produce high power and work even in low light and cloudy weather

Solar Panel Buyers Guide

3. Power

Choose solar panels based on battery size or monthly electricity bill. If your primary need is to charge your home inverter battery, you can opt for a 10 watt – 430-watt capacity solar panel If your primary need is to run AC appliances by saving electricity bill, you can opt for 330 watt-430 watt solar panels.

4. Size

Solar panels can also be made smaller in size as a roof range or space. Power uses a better roof 300 watt – 365 watt solar panel available in 2 by 1 meter size. If you need a high wattage panel, take a 365-watt panel

5. Features

IP 67/68 junction box: The panels are kept outdoors. So, your solar panel junction box must have IP 67/68 which protects the panel from dust. Connected wires and connectors connect easily to solar panels and reduce electrical leaks

Climate change may paint a dark future, but with moves in the right direction – such as the invention of solar technology – we can preserve the planet’s precious resources and undo some of the damage.

As well as being accessible and affordable, solar panels are as effective as converting sunlight into energy as conventional solar panels are. In fact, that they allow more people to benefit from solar technology means that they are actually more effective.

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OPTION 2-NOTE- The specific value depends on the working condition. Please consult local support engineer or after-sales team for additional guidance. Hotline 1800398989